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"Versilia", a name that has always been synonymous with beautiful beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea and majestic mountains. An area famous for beautiful scenery and for the marble quarries, which has attracted international artists from around the world.
And 'here in the town of Pietrasanta, famous for the artistic working of marble and bronze, which hosts the prestigious Art Foundry Massimo Del Chiaro.
As a result of long experience and the value shown by Massimo Del Chiaro using the old method of "lost wax" (the only method of production by his will, a process that has used with great success since 1948), has achieved an international reputation for high quality and its accuracy in performing works of art. With the growth of production and the need for a greater number of employees Massimo Del Chiaro expanded his foundry to meet the demands of all artists starting with building a new headquarters in Via delle iare in 1985.
Designed according to the most modern use of space by the foundry occupies an area of ​​7,000 square meters, divided into large and well equipped studios in processing departments, available free of charge, the sculptors, with all necessary assistance; area used as a park to relax or glossy photographs of the sculptures already, a big square forty feet high with a crane for installation of the works of colossal dimensions.

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