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Villa Marigola

Marigola Villa, the seat of the Congress Centre Carispezia - Cariparma Crédit Agricole, is a place of singular charm: the variety of points of view, the fabric dense and varied vegetation, the scent of the Mediterranean blend in the flavor of the sea breeze. One of the most delicious types of "Villa on the sea", which has attracted visitors over more than two centuries.
The original building, the eighteenth-century structure was the holiday residence of the Marquis Ollandini from sec. XVIII. The large terrace was the true heart of the building: incorporating, the use of Liguria, the "citrus orchard", a true wonder, a garden of citrons, lemons, bitter oranges, orange, designed to captivate travelers of the Grand Tour and the park continued with classic cultivated with olive trees and vines to clear the beach where it stood the "white house" associated with the memory of PB Shelley, who stayed there singing it with clear lines.
Since the mid-nineteenth century the architectural history of the villa and the garden is modulated on one of the great romantic and decadent European culture. The Mediterranean s'ingentilisce forms of the garden where the paths intersect ending suddenly in natural balconies and windows of the Bay of Lerici, the Castle, on the islands of the Gulf, with extraordinary effects of surprise.

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